Q. How does your pack raft rental process work? 

1. Fill in the form on our Book a Raft page and have a read through our "Terms of Rental Agreement". Feel free to send us an email to using the contact form above if you need to discuss something not answered below or you have a unique query

2. We'll confirm your booking via return phone call, get some payment details (VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX) and grab your preferred delivery address details (note: We keep a copy of your credit card details on file for the duration of the rental period). 

3.  We'll send your pack raft gear out for the dates you've requested. We guarantee your gear will arrive to your delivery address the day before your first requested rental day!

4. You go explore the world in our pack rafts and have an amazing time.

5. After your trip, simply clean and dry all the gear. Roll up the raft, chuck it all back in the box we sent it to you in, seal it up and affix the included return postage label. Let us know it's ready to be picked up and we'll have one of our courier partners come collect it from your door and you're all sorted. Nice!  


Q. Does Pack Raft Australia sell new pack rafts? 

A. Yes! Pack Raft Australia sells a range of premium quality new pack rafts capable of all manner of on water exploration. 

We are the Australian dealer of top of the pack, hand made in the USA, tried and tested, legendary Alpacka Raft pack rafts. 

Q. What payment types do you accept?

A. We accept the following payment types for any order online


Q. Can I pay for my order over instalments?

A. If you would prefer to pay for your order over instalments, we’ve now partnered with Zip Money to offer flexible repayments with up to 6 months interest free.

You’ll need to give us a call on (03) 9039 6224 for us to process your order manually, if you wish to use this payment method.

Q. Why purchase my new Alpacka Raft from Pack Raft Australia?

A. All our pricing is in Australian Dollars ($AUD). The price you pay at checkout is the complete picture and the final price, inclusive of all currency conversion fees, customs broker fees and any applicable import duties and taxes usually payable when you import goods from overseas into Australia valued greater than $1000AUD. 

We save you the massive headache of DIY import and customs processing (and potential delays).

We're also locally based in Australia, so you won't be charged foreign transaction fees on your credit card (usually an additional 2.4% for overseas purchases).

And, we're a local port of call for any questions you may have before you buy a new raft, and any after sales support.

Basically, if you buy an Alpacka Raft fully legit (no customs fraud), we offer the best rates in town! 

Have a unique request or desire a custom built raft. Feel free to shoot us a message using the contact form to the top right of this page and one of our team will get back to you via email or return phone call (be sure to include your best contact number!). 


Q. I see similar packrafts on the market, what make an Alpacka Raft so good? 

A. For the past 17 years, the dedicated team at Alpacka have pushed innovation in materials and design in their pack raft range, to bring you products that inspire and endure. Most other "brands" of Alpacka style packrafts are simply inspired copies, often made with inferior construction techniques, materials or a combination of both. Ask around, Alpacka Rafts are renowned the world over for their longevity and corresponding high resale value and with the test of time well and truly with them.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. We not only stand steadfastly behind the products we sell, but our manufacturers offer industry leading warranties and after purchase service and repair for the products they produce. We encourage you to do your own research, and we're confident we'll be seeing you sometime soon out there in your new Alpacka Raft packraft.


Q. So you rent Alpacka Rafts too? What's included in the price of a pack raft rental? 

A. F$@king oath we do, and we'd only trust that an Alpacka Raft would come back in one piece, time and time again from our rentals. 

All our rentals include a quality Alpacka Raft packraft, fitted with a removable Cruiser Spray deck, 4 piece carbon fibre break down paddle and a small field repair kit. 

We also rent dry bags and PFD's should you require these and sell other accessories.

*Our Alpacka Raft Gnu fleet of two person rafts are open top boats (i.e. no spray deck). 

*Our Alpacka Raft Explorer 42's fleet of 1-2 person rafts are open top, and include a CargoFly with internal storage. 


Q. Can you deliver rafts anywhere in Australia and what will delivery cost? 

A. Delivering pack rafts to your door Australia wide is our speciality! 

We offer a flat rate Australia wide delivery on all new raft sales to keep things simple, and fare. 

We've also dialled in our logistics on all rentals and can now offer flat rate return shipping & handling to most major areas Australia wide. Please ensure to still include you delivery Suburb and Postcode when filling out the Book a Raft page and we'll confirm the shipping rate when we confirm your booking. 

We've put together the below indicative shipping & handling rate guide for all rental bookings. Note: If you live in a particularly remote area, we're happy to discuss the most economical way to get gear to you.

For all new packraft and accessories sales, we offer simple & fair Australia Wide Flat Rate delivery charges. Available options are displayed during checkout.  

  • VIC: Delivering to - Greater Melbourne, Greater Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Traralgon, Sale

$55 first raft, add $10 per additional raft delivering to the following areas:

* Local collection may be possible upon appointment, and incurs a flat rate $45 handling charge per order. 

  • NSW: Greater Sydney, Wollongong, Gosford, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Byron Bay

  • TAS: Greater Hobart, Greater Launceston, Coles Bay

  • ACT: Greater Canberra

  • QLD: Greater Brisbane area, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Noosa Heads

  • SA: Greater Adelaide, Gawler (Barossa Valley)

$65 first raft, add $10 per additional raft delivering to the following areas: 

  • NT: Darwin

  • WA: Greater Perth, Fremantle

$75 first raft, add $25 per additional raft delivering to the following areas:


Q. Do you charge for the time my pack raft rental is in transit through your delivery service?

A. We do not charge for the days your rental is in transit with our delivery partners. We only charge for the days you have our gear, so only enter the first and last days you require in the book a raft form.


Q. I'm going on a 7 day hike, and will probably only use the packraft for 2 days on water, will I be charged for 7 days rental or just the 2 days? 

A. By definition, packrafts are designed to be carried in, inflated when needed and packed down again. We charge for the days you have our gear, not for the amount of days they're used specifically on water.  


Q. Do you hire packrafts just for a single day? 

A. Our rental packrafts start from 2 days+, but we're sure you can come up with an excuse to have an additional day out on the water. 


Q. What is a pack raft and why are they so awesome?

A. Pack rafts are small, lightweight and durable inflatable watercraft. They're designed to be compact and light enough to "pack-a-raft" in your hiking pack, hence the name, pack raft. Our Alpacka Raft pack rafts are constructed of high quality, USA manufactured, single sided urethane coated woven nylon & vectran fabrics (its simply fancy watertight/airtight fabric). 

We believe pack rafts are incredibly awesome. Having a pack raft in your bag opens up endless on-water exploration possibilities be it wilderness areas, coastal shores or urban ports and rivers. Link up a hike with floating back to your car, or paddle across an alpine lake. We love pack rafts, and that's why we're here, to share the joy! 


Q. What's the weight of an Alpacka Raft packraft or your TNP paddles?

A. Our paddles and Alpacka Raft packrafts are relatively lightweight and compact. 

  • Our single person Alpacka Series Yak (M) & Llama (L) with removable Cruiser Spray Decks each weigh a little under 2.5kg.

  • Our two person Gnu packraft with centre kneeling pillow weigh in at approximately 4kg. (these can also be configured without a kneeling pillow for flat water paddling, deduct approx. 1kg)

  • Our TNP Rapa 4 piece split carbon fiber shaft kayak paddles weigh 1.1kg.

Q. How small does a pack raft roll/fold down to?

A. Alpacka Raft pack rafts can be rolled or folded in a variety of ways depending on the method of packing/transport. As a guide, they pack down to roughly the size of 2 person, 4 season hiking tent or an average sized stuffed sleeping bag.

Our paddles split down into four pieces (two shafts, two blades) for easy transport.

  • 1 person Yak (M) & Llama (L) approx. rolled up dimensions: 20cm x 60cm

  • 2 person Gnu approx. rolled up dimensions: 28cm x 60cm

  • 4 piece split paddle: Shaft piece lengths 62cm, Blade 53cm (L) x 20cm (w)

Q. What's your cancellation policy on rental bookings? 

Shit happens sometimes, and we get that. Our cancellation policy is as follows: 

  • One month or earlier before your rental booking start, we'll refund 90% (the remaining 10% covers our time and a beer).

  • Two weeks before your rental booking start, we'll refund 50% OR allow you to reschedule the rental to any other available dates within one calendar year.

  • Less than two weeks before your rental booking start we do not issue refunds. We will happily allow you to reschedule the rental for any other available dates within one calendar year.

Q. Do you charge a deposit for your rentals? 

A. We charge a $200 deposit per raft rental (fully refunded at the end of the rental period when our equipment is returned clean, dry, damage free and on time). We will also keep a copy of your credit card details on file for the duration of the rental period. Be sure to check out our Terms of Rental Agreement

NOTE: We'll charge the deposit at the time we send out the rafts, not when you book and pay for the rental. Deposits are refunded at the end of your booking, when we receive our gear back, clean, dry and on time. Our payments partner advises deposit refunds usually take up to 7 days to hit your account, once we reverse the transaction. 


Q. How far in advance do I need to make a booking? 

A. We'd like to consider ourselves purveyors of spontaneity, so just go straight ahead and submit a request through our book a raft page. If you've got a unique trip or require an extended rental, feel free to email using our contact form to the top right of this page. We'll check availability and confirm your request usually within one business day. Please be aware the dates you require may already be booked out, so we do advise to book as far in advance as possible to avoid being stuck up shit creek without a packraft!  


Q. Do you sell ex-rental packrafts ever?

A. From time to time we refresh our fleet of Alpacka Raft pack rafts to ensure our rentals are nothing but the best boats in town! Please feel free to give us a shout via email using our contact form to the top right of this page and we'll let you know when/if any come up for sale.