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North Melbourne

(03) 9039 6224

Pack Raft Australia offers premium quality Alpacka Raft brand pack raft sales and rentals delivered Australia wide. We offer rentals from 2 day weekend through to multi-day expedition rentals. Our raft rentals come packaged with 4-piece breakdown kayak paddles, an Alpacka Series pack raft, removable cruiser spray deck and a field repair kit. 


Pack Raft Australia | About

At Pack Raft Australia we believe the world is here to be explored. We offer packraft rentals, delivered to your door. 


Pack Raft Australia offers Alpacka Raft packraft rentals, sales and gear delivered, Australia wide to your door. Our headquarters are in North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Be assured, we're real life people, not just shipping bots and have been giving a stuff since 2014! We do actually packraft, regularly get bruised, battered and enjoy drinking whiskey by the campfire over discussions about life and existence.

We respect the natural world we live and put extensive thought into how our actions can be sustained and our impact light. We continually reflect in pursuit of refining how our business model can be a positive in this world, not just a capitalistic pursuit with narrow outcomes.  

Our drive is to help you access beautiful places the world over, complimented with durable equipment capable of delivering to your desired outcomes. 

Pack Raft Australia steadfastly supplies quality Alpacka Raft brand packrafts and other gear. Our philosophy is simple; supply gear we would personally use, trust in the field and is constructed of durable materials for repeated use, all ready for your next pursuit. 

Our packraft rental fleet currently consist of Alpacka Series Yak's Llama's single person packraft and we now also rent the Alpacka Raft Gnu & Explorer 42 two person packrafts, all in various colours. All our single person boats come factory fitted with removable Cruiser Spray decks. 

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We're headquartered in North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3051

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*** Raft demo's and display days are strictly by appointment only, or as advertised from time to time. Currently we do not have physical capacity for an extensive in store display. Please contact us if unsure of which packraft is right for you. ***

We highly recommend our Australia wide packraft rental service as a great opportunity to touch, feel and paddle a raft prior to purchase.

Our team will respond to you shortly, but please remember we're real people, just like you and we love getting out and exploring the world. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries in a timely manner, and we generally will get back to you within 24hrs, if not sooner. 

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