Pack Raft Australia’s

100% Stoked or Exchange it

policy details

We believe purchasing a new Alpacka Raft packraft is by far one of the best adventure investments you’ll likely ever make, however purchasing any new high end piece of gear, sight unseen can be a bit daunting…

The team at Pack Raft Australia not only want to help you access amazing places, we also want you paired up with the right packraft! We want to ensure that your Alpacka Raft purchase is not only going to be used and cherished, but every time you unfurl that little inflatable raft, you’re stoked from head to toe, bow to stern!

Here’s the “fine print” for which we believe to be an honest & fair exchange policy on any new >> In-Stock<< Alpacka Raft.

  • 100% Stoked or Exchange It is currently only available on >> In-Stock << Alpacka Raft model purchases.

  • If upon receipt of your new In-Stock Alpacka Raft, you find that the size isn’t right; you’d prefer a raft with/without a spray deck; you want a model with/without a CargoFly; you’ve had a change of heart on the colour or simply decide you’d prefer a different model Alpacka Raft all together we will happily offer a credit value of your raft purchase (less postage and any other accessories) towards any other available In-Stock Alpacka Raft from our store.

  • If the Alpacka Raft you desire isn’t available at the time of exchange from our In-Stock range, we will happily allow the credit value to be put toward any Built-To-Order custom Alpacka Raft model/colour/style you want.

  • You’re welcome to unfurl and inflate the raft in your lounge room on the carpet to get an idea of what it looks like, feels like etc. Shoes off if you sit in it. Any returned Alpacka Raft’s for exchange must not have been used in ANY other way and must be in AS NEW CONDITION or we won’t be able to process the exchange and your original purchase will be returned to you. Look, touch lightly, but definitely don’t play (not until your exchange raft arrives anyway!).

  • The Alpacka Raft being exchanged must not have been used in/on any bodies of water; inflated on grass/dirt/gravel; used in the rain or marked in any way.

  • The Alpacka Raft being exchanged must be free of any foreign matter (i.e. pet hair, leaves, dust etc). Please keep your pets at bay while you evaluate the raft… maybe take your four legged old mate for a paddle upon receipt of your exchange raft... dogs make great paddling companions!

  • The Alpacka Raft being exchanged must not have any damage in anyway.

  • The Alpacka Raft being exchanged must be returned to Pack Raft Australia along with all the components it shipped to you with. 

  • An exchange request must be submitted through our contact page form. Please write “Exchange Requested” and quote the invoice or order number in the subject line. Please also include the model/style/colour Alpacka Raft you wish to exchange your purchase for in the note to us. You must await our reply and return authorisation prior to shipping the raft back to us.

  • The purchaser is responsible for any return shipping costs to get the raft back to us and must be sent trackable postage with signature on delivery. We highly recommend insuring the package too. Pack Raft Australia will not be liable for any lost, stolen or damaged rafts in return transit. The sender is solely responsible for the safe return of the packraft to Pack Raft Australia.

  • Pack Raft Australia will offer Free Postage for the exchanged raft when we ship it out to you, so we think that’s pretty fair.

  • If the raft you wish to exchange for is of a higher value than the raft originally purchased, an invoice will be sent for payment of the difference in value.

  • If the raft you wish to exchange for is of a lower value than the raft originally purchased, the credit balance can be used towards any other items in our store or put towards a future Alpacka Raft rental within a 6month period.

  • A limit of 1 exchange per person only (we would hope that you get it right the second time! Please talk with us if you require assistance).

  • Any exchange request must be submitted to us within 5 days upon receipt of your original purchase.

That’s it. No hidden catches. We just want to make sure you’re 100% Absolutely Stoked with your new Alpacka Raft purchase!

And finally, if you’re not sure what raft model is best for you, give us a call. We’ll walk you through the available options, and provide fair and honest advice as to which model/s may be suitable for where you want to go and what you want to do.

We’d prefer to get you in the right Alpacka Raft in the first instance, but sometimes, you don’t know until you know