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North Melbourne

(03) 9039 6224

Pack Raft Australia offers premium quality Alpacka Raft brand pack raft sales and rentals delivered Australia wide. We offer rentals from 2 day weekend through to multi-day expedition rentals. Our raft rentals come packaged with 4-piece breakdown kayak paddles, an Alpacka Series pack raft, removable cruiser spray deck and a field repair kit. 

How-To Videos

How-To Videos for the care, maintenance and use of your new Alpacka Raft packraft supplied by Pack Raft Australia. 

How-to Videos 

Use the resources below to get familiar with the setup, care, maintenance and field repair techniques you can use for your new Alpacka Raft packraft from Pack Raft Australia.  



A short video outlining some basic field repair techniques for your new or old packraft using an assortment of compatible repair materials and supplies such as Aquaseal urethane adhesive, Tyvek tape, Tenacious & Gorilla tapes and Patch'N'Go.

Presented by our mates at Alpacka Raft.



Alpacka Raft's use a simple, lightweight "inflation bag" to avoid requiring a heavy or bulky traditional pump. The process is easy to master with a little practice, making efficient inflation in the field a breeze.

Alpacka Raft evolved their packraft's valve design in 2017 and the below video illustrates the process for inflation on the new valves, although the process is very much the same for pre 2017 Alpacka Raft's.

Presented by our mates at Alpacka Raft.



Alpacka Raft were the original innovators for integrating an optional airtight/watertight zip and internal gear storage into their rafts. This feature adds great versatility to their packraft range, but does require routine care and maintenance to ensure prolong usability and functionality. The below video outlines some methods for zipper upkeep and maintenance.  

Presented by our mates at Alpacka Raft. 



 A short video outlining the installation, fitment and correct use of the various components as found in Alpacka Raft's whitewater series packrafts, like the high performance Gnarwhal.

Featuring Alpacka's new 2017 backband, patent pending thigh straps and whitewater spray deck this video gives a great overview of the system.  

Presented by our mates from Alpacka Raft. 

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