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North Melbourne

(03) 9039 6224

Pack Raft Australia offers premium quality Alpacka Raft brand pack raft sales and rentals delivered Australia wide. We offer rentals from 2 day weekend through to multi-day expedition rentals. Our raft rentals come packaged with 4-piece breakdown kayak paddles, an Alpacka Series pack raft, removable cruiser spray deck and a field repair kit. 

Backband with D-Ring Attachment Kit (Self Install)

DIY Upgrades

Packraft Australia offers a range of genuine Alpacka Raft accessories and upgrades for DIY installation in your packraft. We hold stock of most items locally in Australia, so you enjoy speedy dispatch and delivery. 

Backband with D-Ring Attachment Kit (Self Install)


Backband with D-Ring Attachment Kit (Self Install)


Get comfortable in your packraft with this adjustable DIY install backband upgrade kit. Includes the new Alpacka Raft custom foam backband and 1-inch stainless D-Rings attached to 4-inch diameter mounting patch for self install with a quality urethane adhesive.

Compatible with all Alpacka Raft (Alpaca, Yak, Llama, Mule) pre 2017.

  • Kit includes: 1 x Custom Foam Backband, 2 x D-Ring attachments stitched to 4in mounting patch

  • Hand made by Alpacka Raft in Colorado, USA

  • Requires quality urethane glue for install

  • Special order currently - new local stock arriving shortly

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