Alpacka Series Seat

Alpacka Series Seat


Day two of your river journey and your seat keeps deflating, poor posture and wet arse. Replace the old bastard with one these new-beaut-seats for improved paddling comfort and style on your next trip. 

Three baffle seat bottom goes away with the older style "horseshoe" type seat as standard in most Alpacka Rafts pre 2015-16. Once inflated, this seat fills the void in the back third of your packraft. 

Note – 2016 and prior year Alpacka packrafts have 4 seat mounting tabs, while the newer 2017 model has two. This seat is designed to be mounted to the 2 forward mounting tabs and is compatible with all Alpacka Series packrafts (new or old). 

  • Three baffle seat bottom
  • Easy DIY install with included cord
  • Extended mouth inflation nozzle
  • Hand made by Alpacka Raft in Colorado, USA
  • Compatible with all current & previous Alpacka Series rafts
  • Local Australian stock for quick dispatch and delivery
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