Alpacka Raft Inflatable Seat Back

Alpacka Raft Inflatable Seat Back


Alpacka Raft inflatable seat back. Fits all Alpacka Rafts with preinstalled strap plates for seat backs (i.e. Alpacka Series) or can be installed with with the addition of two x strap plates (sold separately).

Two point webbing attachment threads into raft via strap plates. Mouth nozzle for seat back inflation.

These are the most compact seat backs for Alpacka Rafts, where size and weight are high priorities. We personally find these less comfortable than the Alpacka Raft adjustable backbands when paddling on longer trips.

  • Two point webbing strap attachment with slide locks

  • Mouth nozzle inflation tube

  • Local Australian Stock for speedy dispatch and delivery.

  • Alpacka Raft genuine replacement

  • Made in USA

  • Weight ~ 55g

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