In-Stock Alpacka Series - CLASSIC - Self Bailer with CargoFly (Size M)

In-Stock Alpacka Series - CLASSIC - Self Bailer with CargoFly (Size M)

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*** READY TO SHIP FROM NORTH MELBOURNE, VIC - Limited In-Stock rafts available in this style/colour only***

The Classic – The Iconic Original Alpacka Raft

The gold standard by which everything else is measured, the Classic delivers adventure driven fun from your backyard to the backcountry. All of the quality materials and workmanship that Alpacka Raft built their reputation (and ours) on, with minimalist features to take us back to our roots and budget friendly pricing to boot.

  • IN-STOCK - size MEDIUM

  • Handmade in Colorado, USA

  • Shape: Classic Hull

  • Tube Diameter: 11.7-inch

  • Fit: Relaxed (See sizing and specifications)

  • Valve: Temper assist valve for inflation and deflation

  • Attachments: 4 bow grab loops, 2 stern grab loops, and 2 strap plates

  • Seating: Classic Seat Bottom and Inflatable Seat Back

  • Build Configuration: Self Bailer with CargoFly (option Internal Drybags add $100)

  • Materials: Proprietary 210-denier high count nylon hull and 840-denier ballistic nylon floor (Made in USA). Sorry, no custom multi-color or Vectran options on the Classic.

  • Includes: Inflation Bag, Stuff Sack, and Basic Repair Kit

  • IN-STOCK ready to ship from North Melbourne, VIC for quick dispatch and delivery

Add Internal Drybags for CargoFly (+$100):
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Alpacka Series - CLASSIC

Way back in 2000, after suffering through endless tears and repairs of our cheap “pool toy” quality boats, Alpacka Raft had a dream of making a true wilderness worthy packraft—a boat that was light enough to fit in a backpack yet would not let you down in the cold, rocky rivers of the Alaskan Arctic. Thus, the original Alpacka Raft was born and a new era of packrafting began. Little did they the Alpacka crew know, but packrafts would not only change backcountry travel, but also deliver a fun and easy new way to enjoy your local rivers and lakes. As packrafting has evolved, so has Alpacka Raft’s original line-up of the Alpacka, Yak, and Llama. Alpacka have decided to return to their roots in 2019 with the Classic, a simple, elegant packraft with options to fit every budget.

The Classic keeps it simple with Alpacka Raft’s adventure tested Classic Hull, a no fuss seating system, minimalist attachments, and bombproof materials and construction. Configure it exactly to your liking with Open, Cruiser Deck, Whitewater Deck, Removeable Whitewater Deck, and Self Bailing options. You can also add Alpacka Raft’s innovative Cargo Fly zipper internal storage system with or without internal dry bags. Feeling the need for additional tie downs?Check out our high-performance Expedition models, which include double D-Rings and handles as standard.

Build Configuration

Self Bailer: The Self Bailer configuration is ideal for warmer climates, frequent entry and exit, and anyone that prefers a self-bailing style setup. The Alpacka Raft self bailing design features a lightweight 3/4 length 7-inch thick seat in the rear that is protected by a sleeve and a heavy-duty baffled foot brace in the front that keeps your feet up and out of the water.

Cargo Fly Zipper: The Cargo Fly is the ultimate packraft gear storage solution, which features an airtight zipper installed in the stern of the boat to allow you to load your gear inside the tubes. The system provides drier and more secure gear storage and improved paddling performance due to a lower center of gravity. The Cargo Fly is perfect for expeditions, whitewater performance, and keeping your gear dry in any conditions. The dry bags clip in place along each side of the tubes with a side release buckle and allow for better organization and weight balance than placing the contents of your pack loose inside the Cargo Fly. They also act as additional balanced air chambers to make it easier to get to shore in the event of a puncture.



Boater Sit Heigh - Medium 97-107cm

Exterior Length  - 234cm

Exterior Width - 95cm

Interior Length - 117cm

Width At Hips - 37cm

Max Capacity - 181kg


SB/CF - 3.07kg - 43x18cm

*Weight Includes All Components Except Inflation Bag, Repair Kit, And Internal Dry Bags For Cargo Fly.
**Packed Size Is A Reference Measurement Based On Folding The Boat In Half Lengthwise And Rolling It Up To Fit In The Stuff Sack. There Are Many Other Methods Of Rolling And Folding The Boats That Will Result In A Different Packed Size That May Be More Or Less Efficient For Packing.