Pack Raft Australia offers Alpacka Raft packraft rentalssales and gear delivered, Australia wide to your door. Our headquarters are in North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Be assured, we're real life people, who actually packraft, regularly get bruised, battered and enjoy drinking whiskey by the campfire.

We respect and love the natural world we live in and put extensive thought into our actions and the impact we’re making. We continually reflect back to that ethos in pursuit of refining how our business model can make a positive impact in our lives, community, and the world as a whole.

Our drive is to help you access beautiful places the world over, with the help of durable equipment capable of delivering you to your desired destinations. 


Our rafts

We are the Australian retailer of Alpacka Raft products. All our rental rafts are nothing but the best boats on the market, each individually handcrafted in Colorado, USA by Alpacka Raft.

Pack Raft Australia steadfastly supplies quality Alpacka Raft brand packrafts and other essential gear.

Our philosophy is simple; supply gear we would personally use and trust in the field, that is constructed of durable materials, always ready for your next adventure. 

Our packraft rental fleet currently consist of Alpacka Series Yak's Llama's single person packraft and we now also rent the Alpacka Raft Gnu & Explorer 42 two person packrafts, all in various colours. All our single person boats come factory fitted with removable Cruiser Spray decks. 


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All our packrafts are hand made by our mates at Alpacka Raft in Colorado, USA and delivered to you everywhere in Australia.


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