Ultralight Series - Caribou

Ultralight Series - Caribou

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Combining light and durable tubes with a full strength 840d Ballistic Nylon Floor and Alpacka Raft’s innovative Late Rise Bow, the Caribou is the ultimate backcountry front end loader. At just 2.15kg (2.27kg with a Cargo Fly), the Caribou is also the lightest full sized packraft on the market today! It’s the perfect packraft for bikerafting, ultralight hunting, and big backcountry adventures.

Hand crafted with utmost precision and pride in Colorado, USA, your new packraft is totally worth the wait.

*** All packrafts are built to order and will be delivered to you within 4-6 weeks.***

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The Caribou

  • Handmade in Colorado, USA

  • Late Rise Bow technology for balancing heavy loads on the bow while maintaining high performance in waves and easy whitewater

  • Single valve that provides high pressure one-way inflation and easy deflation with a quick twist of the valve core

  • Full size standard seat

  • 210d High Count Nylon lightweight polyurethane coated tubes

  • 840d Nylon Floor

  • Handle on bow for easy dragging and portaging with gear on the bow

  • 4 bow strap plates oriented for optimal bike attachment, 2 stern grab loops, and a floor loop to attach the seat

  • Optional Cargo Fly (does not include internal dry bags or internal attachment clips)

  • Includes: Inflation bag, seat stuff sack, and repair kit.


Built for Bikerafting 

“Thirty-one years ago I had never heard of anybody else lashing a bike onto a boat before. It was my own idea, with my first mountain bike in 1987. I wanted to explore an area for moose hunting on the far side of the Delta River, a big glacier river in the Alaska Range. I used a Sherpa Packraft to get across. I rode buffalo trails, ended up shooting a moose, used the bike to wheel meat to the river, and then I ferried it all over in my raft.” ~Legacy Ambassador, Roman Dial. He acquired his first Alpacka Raft in the early 2000s. 

For many years, the only way to carry your gear on large, multi-sport packraft adventures was either inside the boat on the floor, or mounted to the bow. However, in 2011, Alpacka Raft changed the game completely when they invented the Cargo Fly internal gear storage system. This design not only kept your gear drier, it also dramatically increased handling and whitewater performance. However, it didn’t solve the problem of carrying large bulky items like bicycles, big game animals, and large packs on the bow.

Welcome the Caribou with Alpacka Raft's latest innovation, the Late Rise Bow, that combines the stability and load carrying ability of a rockerless hull with the whitewater and wave performance of a rockered hull. Unlike anything else on the market, the Late Rise Bow still provides a rocker to shed waves and whitewater, but it moves beginning of the rocker in front of the bow’s mounted load. The result is a broad stable platform for mounting bulky and heavy items like bicycles that carries them high and keeps them out of the water when paddling. And, the load remains balanced and stable on both water and land.

To keep the weight and bulk at an absolute minimum, while preserving Alpacka Raft's legendary durability, they have utilized the same lightweight 210-denier high count nylon fabric as The Scout and the 840-denier floor featured in our other packrafts. The result is an ultralight, full-size bikeraft or ultralight hunting raft that rolls up small for stashing in a pack or on your handlebar roll. It’s also available with a Cargo Fly, for keeping bulky gear on the bow and loose gear inside and dry.

Note: Due to the specialized bags utilized by most  bike-packers, Cargo Fly models do not include internal dry bags or internal attachments for clipping dry bags in place. However, internal dry bags can be purchased separately and used in the Caribou without the internal attachments.


The Caribou

Exterior Length - 246cm

Exterior Width - 97cm

Interior Length - 123cm

Interior Width at Hips- 37cm



(Configuration - Weight - Packed Size)

Standard - 2.15kg - 15x43cm 

With Optional CargoFly - 2.27kg - 15x46cm