Alpackalypse – The Original Whitewater Packraft

Alpackalypse – The Original Whitewater Packraft


Our listed pricing on all Alpacka Raft packrafts is in Australian Dollars ($AUD). We save you the headache and complete customs clearance and all import paperwork for you and deliver to your door. Our pricing is inclusive of all applicable import duties, taxes & customs broker/clearance fees.

The Alpackalypse is a custom fit performance packraft so we let you choose what's right for you, and place build orders direct with with our mates over at Alpacka Raft.

Hand crafted with utmost precision and pride in Colorado, USA, your new packraft is totally worth the wait.

*** All packrafts are built to order and will be delivered to you within 4-6 weeks.***


A new generation patent-pending hull design combined with Alpacka Raft's latest innovations in seating and thigh straps makes the 2017 Alpackalypse ready for probing backcountry first descents, surfing on play waves, and hitting the local test pieces when you are traveling light.

Note – Sizing is slightly different from the Gnarwhal and Alpacka Series. Please consult the sizing details below.

  • Handmade in Mancos, Colorado, USA

  • New one-way valve that provides high pressure inflation and easy deflation with a quick twist of the valve core

  • New patent-pending high volume stern design improves predictability and floatation

  • 400d Ripstop Vectran® Snakeprint Tubes

  • 840d nylon floor with extended stern coverage

  • 4 bow grab loops and 2 stern grab loops

  • Cargo Fly with Standard Internal Dry Bags (Ultralight Dry Bags available on request).

  • Inflatable Backband and patent-pending 4-Point Thigh Straps standard

  • Includes: Inflation bag, stuff sack, and repair kit.

Add to Cart - Built to Order

Alpackalypse – The Original Whitewater Packraft

Lighter, more comfortable, and better performing than the original, the new Alpackalypse features a 10-inch diameter 400-denier Vectran® rockered hull design with Alpacka Raft's new patent-pending high volume stern and is kitted out with an updated inflatable backband, a 3/4 length inflatable seat and an inflatable footrest, and Alpacka's ultra-light patent-pending 4-point thigh straps. The result is a hard charging, lightning quick river runner that’s ready for anything from punching holes, surfing on play waves, or charging down tight twisting drops.

While the Gnarwhal shines at providing outstanding predictability, stability and forgiveness in whitewater, the Alpackalypse brings a more playful ride that allows a skilled boater to surf and carve through a rapid.  In kayak language, the Alpackalypse is a classic river runner with a playful side while the Gnarwhal is the high volume creeker of the packraft world.

The Alpackalypse comes standard with a whitewater spray deck, Cargo Fly internal gear storage system and 400-denier ripstop Vectran®, whitewater seating system, Alpackalypse inflatable backband, and 4-point thigh straps. 



Small - Medium - Long - Extra Long

Paddler Inseam - S - <29" - M - 28″-31″ - L - 31″-34″ - XL - 34″+

Exterior Length - S - 221cm - M - 229cm - L - 236cm - XL - 244cm

Exterior Width - S/M/L/XL - 89cm

Interior Length - S -  107cm - M - 114.3cm - L - 122cm - XL -129.5cm

Width at Hips - S/M/L/XL - 41cm

Width at Foot Brace - S/M/L/XL - 28.5cm

*The Alpackalypse fit does not correspond to the standard Alpacka Series. It is fit to the paddler’s inseam as the sizing is based on the effective cockpit length. Proper fit is based on achieving sufficient knee bend between the backband and the foot brace to fully engage the thigh straps.  If you are on the border of sizing, please contact us to discuss fit.


Small - 4.62kg - 28x56cm

Medium - 4.76kg - 28x56cm

Long - 4.90kg - 28x56cm

Extra Long - 5.05kg - 28x56cm

** Weight includes all components except inflation bag, repair kit, and internal dry bags for cargo fly.