Sterling Rope 6mm packraft grab-line cord

Sterling Rope 6mm packraft grab-line cord


Let’s cut to the chase, if you fall in the drink, you want a grab-line (deck-line) on your packraft to grab a hold of. We’ve tried various different cords, special float ropes etc. but still come back to Sterling Rope’s 6mm cord for all our packraft grab-lines. This stuff is bomb proof, hard wearing, supple for knot tying and the diameter is spot on so as not to cut into your hands when grabbing hold of it, yet still maintains minimum additional weight and bulk. We think it’s totally worth the 52grams, and you may too when it saves your arse in a roaring wave train!

Our cord is pre cut into two measured lengths, for simple, clean, taught and no fuss grabs-lines with minimal profile. One length threads between the front four grab loops, and another shorter length ties between the two stern grab loops of your Alpacka Raft (we prefer to use a bowline knot to attach to the packraft grab loops at each end, for simplicity sake).

  • 6mm quality Sterling Rope brand cord

  • 2 x pre cut lengths (80cm & 150cm)

  • Total weight 52g

  • 8.8kN rating

  • Made in USA

  • Local pre-cut Australian stock for speedy dispatch & delivery

Please note: If you intend to install grab-lines on your packraft, we advise ensuring they are strung taught and clean. Avoid excessive loose cord and/or loops. We personally choose to only tie grab lines between the preinstalled grab loops on the stern and bow of our Alpacka Rafts, respectively. Running grab-lines down the side lengths of a packraft has the potential to become an entrapment issue, in the event of a wet exit and is strongly discouraged. The above item is pre-cut in two measured lengths for this reason.

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