Ortlieb Gear-Pack 40L Backpack - Detachable Harness

Ortlieb Gear-Pack 40L Backpack - Detachable Harness

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Right’o. Here we go. Waterproof. Check. Versatile. Check. Burly. Check. ORTLIEB Gear-Pack 40L: A hybrid dry bag / backpack that is ready for any land or water packraft journey. Thanks to its detachable harness system, you can use it as a practical packsack and then convert it in the twinkling of an eye to a fully functional backpack. The Gear-Pack combines the portability of a backpack with the durability of a packsack. It comes with the proven ORTLIEB roll closure and both front and lateral daisy chains that allow you to conveniently attach additional equipment such as trekking poles, auxiliary bags or your PFD.

For what it’s worth, we’ve just started using these for overnight and day packraft trips, for which this size is perfect on those journeys. The 40L volume fits a standard Alpacka Raft with all the trimmings, 4 piece paddle and overnight camping gear. Strap your PFD or helmet to the integrated daisy chain and your all set. This pack is fully rollable when empty, so can be stowed in the CargoFly internal storage area with ease, or lash it to the deck for quick transitions.

  • 40L internal volume

  • 66 x 30 x 19cm (height, width, depth - internal dimensions when closed)

  • 1280g weight

  • Waterproof IP64 rated

  • Height-adjustable carriage system | removable upper compression belt (e.g. for rope attachment)

  • Removable harness system with handle, load-control belt and individually detachable chest and waist belts

  • Fast-drying material

  • Ventilation slits on the shoulder carriers and hip fins

  • 5 year Warranty

  • Made in Germany

  • Local stock for speedy dispatch and delivery, Australia wide

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